AZ 49th in Educational Spending – MIM Workshops – Fall Instrument Drive Partners

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Arizona – 49th in Education Spending

This just in, Arizona DOES NOT INVEST IN EDUCATION! An article in this week’s Phoenix Business Journal confirmed that Arizona spends less per pupil on education than almost every state in the country! And guess what programs get cut first?

This year Ear Candy will help OVER 10,000 youth by Providing Access to Music Education. For $12 you can help provide one child access to instruments and programming that previously was unable afford them. Check out our donate page to learn how you can donate monthly or receive Ear Candy Gear for donating $50 or more. Details HERE


MIM Rhythm Workshops with AZ Rhythm Launch SATURDAY 7/3

In collaboration with AZ RHYTHM CONNECTION, we are hosting TWO workshops at the World’s First Musical Instrument Museum located here in Phoenix, AZ.  We’ll be presenting a fun and educational way for parents/caregivers and children ages 8-11 to beat the heat. Participants will discover the cultural roots of drums from around the world, build them, and learn to play them. Visits to the MIM exhibits are included. Please register now for the following workshops:

July 3: Buhai drum (Romania) and Bongo drum (Cuba)

July 17: Dondo drum (Ghana)

REGISTER ONLINE HERE OR call 480.478.6001


East & West Valley Instrument Drive District Partners Requested

This Fall Ear Candy will be expanding our very successful Instrument Drive program with Phoenix Fire to the East and West Valley and we’re looking to partner with school districts of great need! If you know a district that is in dire need of instruments please have them check out the Instrument Section of our website HERE and then Submit an Application. We will be identifying target district partners in the next month of so. Please spread the word!

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