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Hello Friends!

Last week was a big week for us; Ear Candy is officially impacting over 3,200 kids with our efforts.  These numbers even exclude the 140+ instruments and gear we placed just last week in the Roosevelt School District and the Boys & Girls Club.  We are serving a current and growing need in the midst of one of the worst education systems in the country.  It’s a fact, Arizona is 50th out of 50 states in per person educational funding, I can’t even make this stuff up!

Think it’s a nightmare?  Well, it is and it’s reality!  Our current education system is breeding mediocrity by cutting out the classes our kids want/need: art & music.  Ear Candy’s goal is to create culturally enlightened members of societyEVERY KID deserves to have an education rich in music, art and culture.  What is YOUR city, state, country going to look like if we raise an entire generation without the documented, undeniable benefits of music? 

I don’t play an instrument!  I don’t even have kids!  What I’m getting at is ANYONE can be a advocate of music education.  Ear Candy was founded to make a significant positive impact in the community and it has!  We are still a 100% volunteer organization and together we’re achieving amazing things.  But we need help, YOUR HELP.  We need to raise some funds to ensure this momentum continues.  Instruments alone do not fuel this operation and your tax deductible donation will greatly affect our ability to impact thousands with a model that is truly working.

The byproducts of Ear Candy’s work include the next doctor, social worker, guitar aficionado, teacher, mother, father civic leader, artist, CEO, firefighter, recording artist.  Music is their future! Please help us give them access to this timeless universal language that connects us all.

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Music is OUR Future!

Nate Anderson

Founder / President


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