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Tom Morello Auction

Tom Morello Signed Guitar Auction!!!

Tom Morello,who’s ranked 26th on Rolling Stone Magazine’s All-Time GreatestGuitarist List has signed a brand new Fender Stratocaster for Ear Candyto auction off!! Tom Morello is well known for his work with Rage Against the Machine, and his projects Audioslave and Nightwatchman. Ear Candy is stoked to have Tom Morello become a part of the Ear Candy mission! Bidding opens today with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Ear Candy Charity!!!

Be sure to check out Tom Morello with his new outfit, the Street Sweeper Social Club, for FREE on Thursday, August 20th (8/20) at The Edge Third Thursday Event (Ear Candy is the preferred charity)!!

Rock N Roll Camps Start Sept 5th!!! 

Ear Candy and Scottsdale Studios have teamed up to create weekend Rock N Roll music camps forArizona kids! The camps will begin in September and kids will learneverything from how to tune a guitar to  how to rehearse and performsongs with their own bands! This is a great opportunity for kids to getaccess to everything music related they could ever hope for! Get allthe information you need about this opportunity on the Ear Candy website.  

Champagne Tap is back to give you an awesome show this Saturday, August 15th (8/15) – 6 PM at Press Coffee in Phoenix.
Thiswill be a great acoustic set put on for you by the all doctor band. Theevent is FREE with a portion of all sales for the evening going rightto Ear Candy!!!

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Providing KIDS access to MUSIC EDUCATION

Press Patio Music Series – Sat, Aug 15th (8/15) – 6 PM – Press Coffee
 Press Patio Music Series

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