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Pyro Award!
 Nate with his Pyro Award in hand!  

As you probably remember Ear Candy’s founder Nate Anderson was honored with a Pyro Award in June! Pyro Awards are given to those few individuals who have the drive and creativity to reinvent the world we live in. What an awesome honor!! The official site is up and running and includes an awesome look at Nate and the Ear Candy mission! Be sure to check out this amazing achievement! Congrats again Nate!!!


The last Summer of Sound show is this
Ear Candy and New Times are giving away a Red Bull & Ticket prize pack to the show!!
The friend who gets the most people to join the Ear Candy Cause on Facebook will win 5 tickets to the show and a whole case of Red Bull !!!! 
Join the Ear Candy Cause NOW and let the competition begin!! Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday!! 

Soundstyle Live : The Return – This Saturday!

(Flyer Below)  

This Saturday, Aug 8th (8/8) marks the return of Soundstyle Live! The rock-n-runway show has been off the grid for the past two years and has come back stronger than ever!! $5 will get you into the 21+ event with proceeds benefitting Ear Candy!!  

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Want to see the latest Ear Candy updates? Want to congrat Nate on his recent Pyro Award? Have any great ideas for the Ear Candy team to dive into?? Friend us on Facebook and have some fun with the Ear Candy team!
Our Twitter followers are growing fast! Be sure to join in and catch the latest Tweets from  Ear Candy and individual Ear Candy team members. Whether on the way to a show, to donate instruments, or giving last minute updates Ear Candy loves Twitter!  
The team member profiles are now up on the Ear Candy site!! Meet the people devoted to supporting music programs for local kids in the valley. Learn how music has impacted their lives and why they have dedicated their efforts to support music education!   
Providing KIDS access to MUSIC EDUCATION


Summer of Sound (Hip-Hop) – Sat, Aug 8th (8/8) – 8 PM – Fat Tuesdays
 SOS Aug 8th

Soundstyle Live : The Return – Sat, August 8th (8/8) – Last Exit

Soundstyle Aug 8

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