30 Instruments Delivered – 8 Schools Impacted


Cartwright Delivery 1

Cartwright School District Drop Off

On Monday June 29th, Ear Candy delivered 30 instruments to the Cartwright Elementary School District.  These will be able to help 8 different school music programs: Atkinson, Cartwright, Downs, Harris, Holiday Park, Palm Lane, Sands, & Tomahawk.


Two weeks ago Ear Candy was invited to host a Summer Event at Bookmans with the help of local artist/teacher Betsy Ganz.  The audience was a a bit younger then we anticipated but Betsy was determined to teach the young ones about Jazz, Swing, & Skat.  Take a few minutes and check out the video, it’s a riot!!

Exploding Like a Firework!!!

Nate Anderson
Ear Candy Founder/President

Skat Video Clip

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