BLOG – Having Fun with The Edge 103.9

It is pretty radical that we have been able to make some very large strides in a short amount of time here in the valley. A huge part of our ability to make an impact on music education has been through creative strategic partnerships, which in non business jargon means, friends who care about what we’re doing and are willing to help in the way they know how. Right now is an interesting time for everyone and the absolute best time to make friends and collaborate. We love our friends, we help our friends, and our friends help us, it’s called a mutually beneficial relationship. There are probably many ways you, your company, your sphere of influence can help someone or some cause by sharing your gifts.

The Edge 103.9 is a perfect example of a friend Ear Candy loves having in our network. They are helping us fundraise for the mission, collect instruments, meet cool artists to support the cause and shine a light on our efforts. The relationship doesn’t cost them, well anything, but they are benefiting by sharing what they have to offer. Impacting kids through music is a lot of fun, we’re all in this thing together, might as well play together. Thanks Edge!!!!

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