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Roadrunners Event

5 bands + Hockey Game + Donation to Ear Candy = $20 

Extremely excited to announce a huge event on Saturday 2/28 at the US Airways Arena!!!  The Roadrunners is hosting a benefit night for Ear Candy.  Tickets can be purchased ONLINE for $15, normal ticket prices are nearly $40.  Also, $5 of your ticket will be donated to Ear Candy.  Here is the important thing, YOU HAVE TO USE THE PROMO CODE: EAR CANDY, or we don’t benefit!!!

We’ll have KSLX and live music in front of the arena before the game, No Longer Together will be our House Band during the game, and then afterwards we have a show across the street ar Hard Rock Cafe.  The After-Game show will feature The Preserve, Black Carl, Dry River Yacht, Alex LoSardo, and No Longer Together.  Tickets will be $5 with an Ear Candy/Roadrunners ticket or $10 without.

Overall,, 5 bands, hoceky game, doantion to an awesome charity all for $20 (Game-$15 and Concert-$5)…now that’s Recession Friendly Entertaiment while making an impact on our community!!!!

Nate Anderson
Ear Candy Founder/CEO

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